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Apologies for outage on main site; no customer servers affected


We are writing to inform both current and potential customers of the 12-hour outage that occurred with the main site yesterday (05/02/2019 Australian EST), here on GekkoFyre Networks and this Blog, and how we are going to prevent such an event from happening again. Firstly though, we are sincerely apologetic for this transpiring in the first place, but a third-party technician from <unnamed company> was working on our servers and while doing this, made some critical changes at the hypervisor level without consulting the system administrators firstly which then lead to the outage. People do make mistakes, yes, but this individual should have clearly authorized these changes with our technicians firstly. Although it should be stated that no customer servers/accounts were affected by this outage, only GekkoFyre Networks’ own websites.

So moving on from this event, we are sending all third-party technicians who work on our servers a ‘letter of advice’. This will contain all of the guidelines stating what they can and can’t do without having to contact us firstly before making any drastic changes. This warning should therefore, hopefully, prevent such an event from happening once again.

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Phobos D'thorga
Phobos D'thorga

I greatly enjoy the world of amateur radio of which I have only recently delved into, whilst playing the odd video-game on the side or doing some programming. The transceiver I use is a Yaesu FT-450D which operates on the HF range along with the 6 m band, and the antenna is a MFJ-1836H cobweb. My current QSL card is a representation of me as a Dragon and may be seen at the link below :)


Web Hosting for Furries, Otherkin & Therians – Solid services for a community with specific needs!


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